If you have purchased one of our promotions featured through Groupon or Living Social, please CALL us at 518-489-1320 to schedule your personalized & custom workshop. It is very important that you leave us your name and phone number so we can return your call.

If you left a message and your call has not been returned, there was a discrepancy in the message process and you would be surprised at how many people fail to leave a call back number and their name, or try to text us. We do use a landline for our business, so texting is not supported. Unfortunately, we have recently had someone call from their work number and did not leave their name. This makes it difficult for us to properly contact our clients. Groupon and Living Social does not provide vendors with any buyer's contact information, so we must rely on you properly providing us with the necessary information to redeem your voucher.  Thank you for your understanding.

Appointments are scheduled Mondays - Saturdays, daytime or evenings. Typically we can meet at a local park at a convenient location. You must provide us with a printed copy of your voucher for it to be redeemed.

This promotion is to assist you with learning the information specific to your wants and needs and will vary from person to person. Topics can include all areas of photography, camera functions, and/or photography editing in Photoshop, PS Elements and/or Lightroom.

Please be sure you are signed up to receive reminder notifications from the source of purchase to avoid expiration of your voucher.  If your voucher has expired, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Thank You!



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