I'm frequently asked if I give private instruction in Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Lightroom.  YES!  Whether you're an absolute beginner, have a photo book project, are interested in digital scrapbooking, need help designing and creating business marketing materials, or are searching for more creative and artistic methods to creating fabulous artwork from your photography, I can help you! 

We all will use our editing software differently and the type of editing will vary greatly, which makes private instruction all the more valuable. Not only do you need to learn the basic principles of navigating and understanding the palettes, what you really need to learn is how to use them to the best of your creative ability. Photoshop just cannot be taught in a linear manner!

I just love Photoshop and I really enjoy helping others learn what this software can do for you, especially when getting into more technical and creative effects.  I also love the ease of use of Lightroom, and helping you find ways of organizing and editing that give you an optimal workflow experience.

Workshops are typically scheduled in 2-3 hour increments to prevent confusion and overstimulated brains!  Many students prefer to meet on a weekly basis, however full day workshops are available.  Group workshops are offered at a discounted rate per workshop rather than per hour. 

Overcome your editing challenges today!



Join my free group at www.meetup.com/tcrpmg to network with other local photography enthusiasts and hobbyists, attend various local photo opportunities, and of course for invitations to attend photography and editing workshops.

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